Friday, October 15, 2004

In case you didn't see this . . . .

Bush Quote
This may be his election to loose, but he sure is trying pretty hard to do so. This man is as out of touch with the American public as his father. Or maybe is dumbass country bumkin routine is an act (he did, after all go to Yale).

what barry says

what barry says
This is a really cool presentation, and reminds us all of why we are really in Iraq to day:

Welcome to the Project for the New American Century

It's a New World Order. Feeling secure yet?

Monday, October 04, 2004

Mother Jones: Howard Dean Interview

As usual, the Democrats would have all the left-leaning folks all the crap that the world will end if Bush II is re-elected, Cheney style. What I haven’t seen is any attempt on Kerry’s part to capture that elusive 3% Nader / Green vote. Instead, we get scare tactics and heavy-handed, very anti-democratic tactics to silence the dissenting voices. I for one am really sick of having to swallow my conscience, vote for the Democratic poster boy, then run for the toilet. That’s why I voted for Nader. That’s why I’ll likely vote Green again this year; might as well vote for the alternates before the Republicrats figure out a way to amend the constitution.