Wednesday, September 15, 2004

BBC NEWS | Americas | Florida 'to list Nader on ballot'

BBC NEWS | Americas | Florida 'to list Nader on ballot'

Democrats are running the same smear campaign against Nader that the Republicans are running against Kerry. It's really a shameful display of democracy!

Monday, September 13, 2004

What happens when the US kills Arab reporters

BBC NEWS Middle East Media spotlight on Baghdad deaths
With every passing day we as a country loose credibility and moral standing. No one in the world (including those deluding themselves) sees our presence as an occupation. Jello Biafra said 13 years ago - "Die, for oil, sucker. sucker. sucker." If Iraq is Orwell's 1984, who is Goldstein now? If 'It's not just about one man,' then Osama bin Laden is Eurasia. Guess they found Hussein too fast . . .

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Powell will save us all!!

BBC NEWS Africa Powell declares genocide in Sudan
That was mighty white of him. Good thing the US genocide quota was met, otherwise there would be no reason to hear from the man.

Kerry and Bush play nice with the NRA

The New York Times > Washington > Effort to Renew Weapons Ban Falters on Hill

What a country we live in. Everyone knows that the ban would be extended with the stroke of Pres. Bush's pen, but there'sno way in hell he's going to cross the NRA. In the meantime, Kerry is going to wait until the day the day the ban passes, NOT BEFORE IT PASSES, to decry the failures of the Republican congress over the assault weapons ban. What we have here, citizens, is the typical leadership examples of the people 'we' put into power.

In the meantime, gun manufacturers are already taking advance orders on assault weapons. All of this because no one has the will of character to really stand up for what's right.

This country is home to some amazing contradictions:

  • We fight abortion rights and sing 'Save the children while we roll back judicial progress to the 1800s so we can send teenagers to death row.
  • We buy cars that average 17 mpg ON THE FREEWAY while complaining about high gas prices.
  • We fight and die in a war for oil over a lie about weapons of mass destruction. We look in wonder as Iraqis tell us to go home after liberating them, as if they had forgotten Rumsfeld shaking the hand of Hussein while he executed his own people.
  • We gasp in surprise of the fact that a madman nationalist uses the chemical weapons that we sell to him. And we pat ourselves on the back for making the world a safer place, when we are responsible for creating a monster (Al Queda - so we wouldn't get our hands dirty fighting the Russians in Afghanistan) and poking it with a stick.
  • We have all but dismissed the Anthrax scare and the fact that it was most likely an 'inside' job.

All of this, and we start a 200 billion dollar war with a threat that grows like cancer and feeds on our rhetoric. I doubt that anyone in the middle east missed Bush's reference to the war on terror as a 'Crusade.'

It really is a wonder that anyone votes at all (but that certainly doesn't mean that you shouldn't!!!!!!)


Saturday, September 04, 2004

Extra Fries

I wish the TV wasn't here. I would buy a hat and pull it over my eyes and hide. God is dead and the end of the world is a hamburger with extra fries.

Friday, September 03, 2004

KR Washington Bureau | 09/01/2004 | Young Republicans support Iraq war, but not all are willing to join the fight

KR Washington Bureau | 09/01/2004 | Young Republicans support Iraq war, but not all are willing to join the fight
Kids, if you're willing to send someone else in harm's way, you'd better be willing to go yourself. If you're not willing to fight and die for your ideology, that's fine; few are. But you shouldn't pick a fight if you're not willing to get your nose bloody. One of the 'Young Republicans' stated that she would go "if there was another Sept. 11" . . . What's the problem? The first one wasn't enough?

George W Bush Speechwriter

George W Bush Speechwriter
This is too much fun! Too bad you can't put together a real 'Bushism'.

Judge Reverses Convictions in Detroit 'Terrorism' Case

The New York Times > National > Judge Reverses Convictions in Detroit 'Terrorism' Case

Here's an interesting bit of news . . . This little tidbit has been in the BBC for two days before the New York Times decided to let the rest of us in on it. The original BBC article (dated 9/1/04) can be found here. I'm sure that the NY Times didn't want to be seen as casting a shadow over the RNC, but the story of the PATRIOT Act (which Kerry voted for and Bush signed) screwing with someone's life AND BEING WRONG about it would garner some front page attention.
Overzealous prosecution is chided by the prosiding judge, Gerald E. Rosen:
"Although prosecutors and others entrusted with safeguarding us through the legal system clearly must be innovative and think outside the conventional envelope in enforcing the law and prosecuting terrorists, they must not act outside the Constitution . . . Unfortunately, that is precisely what has occurred in the course of this case."

These are really scary times anymore. Not only do we have to worry about terrorists, but we also have to worry about those people who are selected to protect us!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

FahrenHype 9/11

I had not seen this one before: FahrenHype 9/11 . . .
This will be really good for a laugh! I have to figure out a way to see it without spending any money in support of it. In watching the promotional trailer, I hear a lot of emotional bullying, but not any substance. I suppose that if I were a Right-wing type, I would probably drool over myself to see this one (or at least show it during the RNC to get the message out). I'm sure it's as good as any other movie that goes straight to video.

I am disappointed, though. I do enjoy the antcs of Michael Moore (even though his begging Ralph Nader not to run on Bill Maher(?)'s show was heart breaking). But he is not the Messiah. His movies are reflections of his opinions, illustrated by his skills as a director. But the facts of his movies are just that; facts. I never believe anything I see without a reference, so when I read his books I track down those references and read the source.


Forever and a day I swore to myself I would start a blog. I'm usually to busy to sit and write, but now I will make a real effort. In the meantime, I suggest getting your news from the BBC; everyone on this side of the pond is lying to you. Make it your home page; I promise you will spend an hour at least on the cross-referencing each day.