Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Political Rallies

Insert the name of the political party you dislike in place of INGSOC, and I think we have a typical analysis of a group you disapprove: 

I've made this observation myself.  Question is- why is it so easy to make?  

It's like when a congressman compares an advesary to Hitler.  You pick the worst person you can think of and label an opponent.  Imagery over accuracy!

I'm thinking that there's something to ASD that makes you immune (or at least acutely aware) of the mob mentality.  Since it's harder to fit in to a group setting, it's a bit easier to see when the group is being collectively influenced.

Okay - that's all I have this morning.  I'm getting back into writing practice here!

Monday, March 23, 2009

BBC NEWS | Americas | 'Deathbed confession' man charged

"A US man who thought he was dying and confessed to having killed a neighbour in 1977 has been charged with murder after making a recovery, US media say.

James Brewer could now face the death penalty over the unsolved killing in Tennessee 32 years ago, reports say."

'nuff said!