Sunday, November 07, 2004

Against My better Judgement

Against My better Judgement, I voted for Kerry. Yes, I am a Demo-holic. I was left with Kerry after the Democrats successfully removed my alternatives from the Ohio ballot, and pulled the same bullshit scare tactics Cheney-style (thanks, Al Franken!) to get the indies to go Democratic. In the mean while, we were all so focused on how bad Bush was that we didn't really care that Kerry was as good as we could put against him. Calls from Michael Moore to the tune of 'sure, he'a a dick, but he's our dick! Get 'em in there!' don't inspire much. So basically the xians got off their ass this time and voted their concience. We, on the other hand, didn't seem to have one.

Can't blame Nader this time - and in the meantime, third party activism has been set back 10 years.

Thank you Kerry, for being so god damned useless. You lost the race to the bottom - Republicrats this time around. Guess we'll all just lament the loss of our favorite Republican president - Bill Clinton.

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