Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A hoax most cruel

A hoax most cruel
By Andrew Wolfson

Published in the Courier-Journal of Louiville, KY

I found this link on BoingBoing and my jaw hit the floor. It sounded so incredible that I had to validate the article against other sources (I could only find a few online that wasn't a blog)



The specific of these incidents have been beaten to death by other blogs, so I'll forego that for now.
My question is - 'Why am I just hearing about this on BoingBoing?' It may be my fault, for not getting my news from the television, but when that Wendy's chili finger incident was news, it was news all over. For this incident, which would serve as a cautionary tale, and maybe force people to think a little more about what's going on around them. At the very least, it could have served to warn the folks likely to respond to Nigerian Bank emails that something's up when a cop calls collect to tell you to strip search an employee.

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