Wednesday, May 23, 2007

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Democrats drop Iraq pull-out plan


But was it really a surprise?

Failing to pork up the bill enough to make the member politicians happy, the Democrats, true to form, put their collective spine back in the casket and whine about not getting their way, principles be damned. I betcha they'll pretent to get really vocal when the 'Gay Rights Agenda' hits the headlines again (and I'm sure the Republicans will be all to happy to get that ball rolling.)

This is exactly why I vote Green (even though I'm still an independent.) With them, there's no 'public collective conscience' that dictates the candidates. And of course, The Reps and the Dems wouldn't hear of allowing them (or any other legitimate 3rd pardty candidate)in the national debates, since they can't be counted on to follow script. So what we're left with is a One-Party government with its own franchised dissident wing.

THe Democrats are like your pesky little brother. Always hassling you in public, but tries to be just like you if your back is turned. The Reblicans, on the other hannd, are like your uncle. Only looking after his own interests, but happy to throw you an extra bone to his favorite cousin if it makes him feel less guilty about something . . .

I guess it was just a matter of time before the Democrats stopped pretending to be anything more than jellyfish-spined deal-makers. This is exactly why no one with any real values or principles goes into public office (or seem to come out with any principles.) I guess 'career politician' and public servant' don't go together anymore.

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