Saturday, June 09, 2007

BBC NEWS | Europe | Bush calls for action over Kosovo

Two things -
One, I'm not surprised that a xian neo-con would find meeting an ex-Hitler Youth turned pope a loving, moving experience.
Second, all this talk about Kosovo sounds like posturing to me. Not a word about Chechnya (or Tiawan for that matter!) Democracy for all (as long as there's money to be made). he war in Iraq was supposed to be both a profit windfall and an uplifting torch for the masses. What it turned out to be was a clusterf*ck that's making all the wrong people very rich. Bush and the Neo-COns thought that they could replace the American Spirit of the COld War (remember Hoover and McCarthy? Remember the Blacklists?) with the Iraq war, and they even had a Pearl Harbor to mark the occasion.

Of course, the popular lie is rusting at the edges, so it's becoming necessary to poke at the Russians to get another chance to make America look great again.

It's really, really sad, and of course the Democrats would like nothing better than to sit on the wall and critisize the process instead of fixing it. And we Americans are content to find the next best Reality TV show and 'hope it all works out' for the better.

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