Thursday, November 06, 2008

Obama is president-elect. Nader calls him out.

Barack Obama is president. There's a HUGE significant to that. Of course, Nader's still going to hold his feet to the fire . . .

Of course, one doesn't expect fair and balanced reporting from Fox news. Shep Smith's 'indignant white guilt' act doesn't play out too well, coming from the station that gave us Imus. Now, if Nader was black, no one would have batted an eye to this comment. Democrats are still sore about losing the 2000 election, and Nader will always be the scapegoat for that

To recap - Gore lost the election in 2000 (no thanks to the Gore / Lieberman ticket.) Kerry lost to Bush because of the big bad terrorist threat and the fact that Kerry and Bush stood for the same things. 'Beat Bush' was a wonderful slogan, but it's not bankable policy.

Obama certainly has the orator's gift, but I still failed to see the real difference between him and McCain on the real issues of the day (finance, terrorism, Iran, Iraq, Israel). That's what Nader was calling him out on.

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