Sunday, February 13, 2005

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Shia parties triumph in Iraq poll

BBC NEWS | Middle East | Shia parties triumph in Iraq poll: "marks the birth of a new Iraq and a free people,' Mr Ayar "

The American paperweight administration is out (supposedly) and the Shias are to take the reigns.
I was a little concerned that Bush had another episode with a 'pretzel' and slept in during the Iraqi election. The only reaction I have been able to find of Bush's reaction so far is in an article I fount in a Chinese news service. There is an article in the associated press where Bush declares the election a 'resounding success' as I write this, but notes that the US is there until the Iraqi security forces are stable enough to secure the state. And of course, if you study the history of militant Islam in the region, you can imagine the bad taste in the mouth of anyone who dares question American imperialism. Just think - get a couple of sadists graduates from the School of the Americas to show 'm how to effectively beat down the masses, then wonder why they would even consider targeting the police forces. What they need down there, according to - well, everybody roaming the halls of the White House - is a bit of Violent Pascification. "FORCE YOU to be nice to each other, KILL YOU BEFORE YOU KILL EACH OTHER!!!!!"

The scariest part of all of this is - it may not be about oil; not directly, anyway.It's about the uber-rich white xian power base in the United States looking to ensure the manifest destiny of America as the true promised land. And when God is on your side, hell, you gan do what the f**k you want!

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