Saturday, February 12, 2005

NPR : Dean, Nader Debate Role of Third Parties

NPR : Dean, Nader Debate Role of Third Parties
This is a really interesting debate, and, though it does make like like Howard Dean a little more, doesn't persuade me to vote for him or any other Democrat in the next presidential election. He sounds good, but he either cowtows to the Democrats or makes excuses for Kerry with a 'beat Bush' mantra. The one thing I never hear any Democrat talk about is lowering Rx costs in a real manner by setting price caps the same way Canada has. But I imagine its best not to bite the hand that feeds you.
Dean did a real polititrick in answering Margot Adler's last question.
She had noted that presidential candiates floated in both parties were white male xians without exception, and if he saw this as a true negative force to diversity. Dean's answer swirled around the question, leaving him on some anecdote about some woman selling her bicycle for $100 and sending it to his campaign to 'beat Bush'. Adler deftly noted that Dean did not even address the question in the way it was asked by not mentioning women or minority candidates at all.

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