Friday, September 03, 2004

Judge Reverses Convictions in Detroit 'Terrorism' Case

The New York Times > National > Judge Reverses Convictions in Detroit 'Terrorism' Case

Here's an interesting bit of news . . . This little tidbit has been in the BBC for two days before the New York Times decided to let the rest of us in on it. The original BBC article (dated 9/1/04) can be found here. I'm sure that the NY Times didn't want to be seen as casting a shadow over the RNC, but the story of the PATRIOT Act (which Kerry voted for and Bush signed) screwing with someone's life AND BEING WRONG about it would garner some front page attention.
Overzealous prosecution is chided by the prosiding judge, Gerald E. Rosen:
"Although prosecutors and others entrusted with safeguarding us through the legal system clearly must be innovative and think outside the conventional envelope in enforcing the law and prosecuting terrorists, they must not act outside the Constitution . . . Unfortunately, that is precisely what has occurred in the course of this case."

These are really scary times anymore. Not only do we have to worry about terrorists, but we also have to worry about those people who are selected to protect us!

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